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COVID Screen Instrument Technician

COVID Screen Instrument Technician

Front entrance screener for COVID-19. Manage the proper CDC guidelines for sterilization of entrance door, exam room, patient safety and overall office protocols. Maintain a clean and safe environment while providing the utmost care in patient interaction.


  • Welcome and greet all visitors in a manner that is helpful and friendly; determines purpose of visit and direct patients/clients/visitors to appropriate person or department.
    • Ask and record staff and patients COVID screening questions prior to entrance.
    • Checking temperatures and following proper CDC guidelines for sterilization of the screener workspace.
  • Ensure that all instruments and equipment are prepared for daily operation.
    • This includes but is not limited to: supplies, exam rooms are adequately stocked and prepped with medical supplies, all instruments are sharpened and maintained, and all other materials are properly sterilized and cared for.
  • Ensure medical supplies and other supplies are adequately stocked.
  • Perform spec run 2+ times/day, insure sterile technique, instrument cleaning and sterilization, proper use of the autoclave.
    • Record and log autoclave activity, and make certain that the Sterilizer is properly maintained
  • Maintain accurate daily specimen reconciliation vs orders manifest from HealthLab.
    • Prepare specimens for pick-up on daily basis assuring all forms are properly completed and labeled and sent to the appropriate lab.
  • Monitor expiration dates on medications.
  • Accurate completion of NMH lab forms, pick up and “STAT” procedure.
  • Competent to use NST monitor.
  • Follow proper infection control techniques. Dispose of used needs in appropriate hazardous waste containers. Follow all chemical splash guidelines utilizing PPE when appropriate.
  • Abide by all OSHA guidelines. Ensure HIPAA compliance and PHI guidelines at all times; Ensure The Red Flag Patient Awareness Policy and practices are adhered to.
  • Attend all mandatory staff meetings.
  • Maintain confidentiality with all patient information (HIPAA) 9. All other duties as assigned.


  • High School Diploma required; Formal training at a recognized school in medical lab technician curriculum preferred.
  • Two years- experience working in a physician office or outpatient hospital setting is preferred if there has been no formal medical office assistant training.


  • Communication – Communicates effectively both internally and externally, where applicable. Includes both written and verbal communication.
  • Patient Focused – Works well with patients, promotes a positive image of the practice, and strives to solve issues raised by patients.
  • Initiative – Takes action independently, seeks new opportunities, and strives to see projects to completion.
  • Interpersonal Skills – Builds strong relationships, is flexible/adaptable, works well with others, and solicits feedback.
  • Medical Expertise – Possess industry knowledge, understands marketplace, good compliance acumen; consistently stays abreast of changes and shares expertise with others.
  • Problem Solving – Strives to understand contributing factors, works to resolve complex situations.
  • Self-Development – Looks for opportunities to increase knowledge, works to increase responsibility, strives to achieve personal goals and/or maintains licenses and other pertinent requirements.
  • Sense of Urgency – Meets deadlines, establishes appropriate priority, and completes tasks assigned in timely manner.
  • Technical Skills – Maintains current understanding of technical process/equipment, uses technology to increase performance/productivity; effectively uses online tools and resources.
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