Kaley C.

I've worked with a few different recruiting companies in the city, and most have them have left me feeling disappointed. It has been so refreshing to work with a great recruiting company like Larko that is very hands on and truly show they care about their candidates. (before and after the fact!) I really appreciate the thoughtful follow ups, and will be sure to keep in touch.

Marsha W.

Megan, I wanted to thank you again for everything you and the Larko team have done for me and everyone here! You probably don't realize it, but you really changed our lives!!! Shelby, Meghan and I were talking last week about how happy we are to have Erica and we unanimously decided that you guys really improved all of our lives for, the better! We honestly said that we all feel so much happier now that we found each other, and the Larko team is fully responsible! So, from the bottom of my heart- thank you again!

Lissie B.

I've worked with Larko on two separate occasions within the last year. After getting laid off unexpectedly in May 2011, I contacted Larko after reading promising reviews on Yelp. After interviewing with their staff, I was quickly set up with a temp receptionist assignment at a great company that lasted a month and a half. Then in Feb 2012, I voluntarily left my full-time job and immediately contacted TLG. Leaving a full-time job can be scary, but knowing I had connections at Larko was reassuring. I basically just picked up where I left off with them months prior and was quickly set up with more temp assignments.

Overall, TLG is the best staffing firm/temp firm I've worked with in Chicago. As a recent grad, they have helped me out immensely during periods of uncertainty as I navigate today's chaotic job market. I haven't worked with them for full-time placement, but if you are looking for temp work Larko is great!

Sylene I.

The Larko Group is the BEST employment search firm I have ever worked with. I had already heard glowing reports from colleagues and was pleasantly surprised that everything I had been told was true. The staff is professional, supportive, efficient and honest. The needs of the candidate are clearly a priority for this firm. My recruiters were well versed in my industry of interest and they paid particular attention to the attributes I was looking for in my next role.

One important note is that I was working with another agency in tandem with The Larko Group. I received offers from the company the Larko Group represented me for as well as a company the other agency represented me for. Coincidentally, these companies are competitors. I was pressured by the other company and had a similar experience from yet another agency I'd worked with previously. The Larko Group kept me well informed and gave me the time and space I needed in order to make an informed decision.

My recruiter at the Larko Group still checks in with me and I feel as though I have formed a lasting relationship with this firm. I will continue to refer colleagues and friends to the Larko Group as I know my reputation will be upheld.

I could not be happier with my experience as well as the position I currently have. 

I am truly grateful that I was introduced to the Larko Group and I wish this firm continued success!

Alex H.

Hi Abbey,

I got your note and gift card today and it made made me so happy getting some mail that was actually for me!! :) haha, and of course to hear from you. Thanks for being so supportive, and truly a great helper! I felt so overwhelmed before coming to you guys and a weight lifted off after our first meeting.  I really appreciate TLG and will be sure to recommend and keep my eyes open for any potential candidates.

Thank you again & best to all of you!

Eileen O.

My overall experience working with TLG was wonderful; absolutely great! It was all more than I expected. Everyone was kind, thorough and professional. I knew they took the time to get to know me and exactly what I was looking for. The interviews and companies that TLG sent me to were perfect matches. The job I looked at and wanted on the website was the job I got! I think they’re the best staffing firm in Chicago. I am so happy and appreciative for what TLG did for me. Thank you!

Jillian P.

I just moved to Chicago in April and did everything I could to find a job -- posted my resume on every employers' career site, contacted my alumni networks, reached out to people on LinkedIn, etc. When one of my contacts mentioned temping at The Larko Group I was thankful for their thought, but apprehensive at first. I really wanted to get a job that I liked, not just a job that I needed and wouldn't it be taking time away from my job search?

In the end, I called The Larko Group. A day later I was making arrangements on the phone to come in for an "interview" with the folks there. Still apprehensive about the whole idea of temping, Russ and his team pointed out the benefits to what I was only putting time and dollar signs to:
1) Being new to a city meant to potential employers that I lacked knowledge in regards to local resources. Temping not only gets me acquainted with Chicago, but also decreases that disabling stigma.
2) Temping is what you make of it. So what if it's stuffing envelopes? Every office you walk into is an opportunity to make a great impression with the staff. I walked away from every temp position with a new LinkedIn contact and the office admins putting in a repeat request for the next time they needed a temp.

Long story short, I'm glad I overcame my reservations and called The Larko Group. They sent me on some great assignments and ultimately found me the perfect job for my hard-to-match skills and salary requirements. If I never called I'd probably still be submitting resumes and/or accepting a job just to have a job.

Daniel T.

My experience with The Larko Group has been wonderful and a CONSISTENT one. Annette Hickman is my recruiter and she has done an excellent job at presenting me with opportunities that match my skills and wants. She's been a great source and I highly recommend reaching out to her and the team for that matter. I've also worked with Penny and Stephen in their temp division and I was succesful in securing a position with a wonderful employer through their efforts.

Overall my experience thus far has been a very positive one, Annette and the team are diligent in their work.

Thank you Larko Group!

Chanel F.

I used a recruiter in the past, and felt like a number. I didn't like it at all. At TLG, I felt I was around people who were considerate; I felt supported and encouraged which is what a person needs when they are in need of work, or anything for that matter!

Alexa T.

Overall, I was very happy with TLG! My consultant, Sarah, was quick to meet with me, got me a ton of interviews and eventually placed me! At our initial meeting, we spoke longer than expected because we were getting to know each other and I met everyone in the office- super friendly! Sarah understood well what I was looking for and what I wanted in the long run. I worked with two other staffing firms and Sarah at TLG was the only one who was able to secure me multiple interviews with multiple companies! She was great at updating and communicating to me as well. It was a great experience and if I ever need to work with a staffing firm again I know I’ll be coming back to TLG!

Sophie T.

I have been employed through the Larko Group for almost a full year now. In this tough economy they have been an absolute life safer. As I sought out permanent employment they sent me out on interview after interview while keeping my busy with part time work.

After months of not finding the position I was looking for, I was starting to give up on myself but the Larko Group never gave up on me. Finally I found a long term temporary position through them, in my field of interest no less. After five months there I was able to make the connections and gain the experience I needed to get a great offer from a company I have been coveting for ages.

They have been supportive and attentive, if you work hard and show initiative they will match you every step of the way!

Kristin M.

My overall experience with TLG was fantastic! They were thorough, supportive and honest.  I received a warm greeting from both my consultant, Colleen and the receptionist, Sarah. Colleen asked specific questions to determine my needs and understood them well. The interviews and companies that TLG sent me on were pretty well in line with my requests.  I would definitely recommend TLG to a friend. I had a great experience. I felt like I was valued and my best interest was their primary concern. TLG is an excellent team. They are personable, thorough; they prepared me well and gave objective advice when it was requested.   Thanks Colleen & Russ!